Referee's Report

Moldavian Journal of the Physical Sciences Vol. nr.

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Instructions for Referees
Please review the paper paying particular attention to the following questions:

Yes No
1 Is this a new and original contribution (exclusive of invited reviews)?
2 Is it clearly presented and well organized, and is the English usage satisfactory?
3 Does it give adequate references to related work?
4 Does the abstract at the beginning provide an adequate summary of the work performed, the results and conclusions?
5 Are only SI units used?
6 Are the figures satisfactory, with no extraneous information and with symbols and exponents written correctly (no curve in color)?
7 Are the conclusions sound and justified by the results presented?

Please elaborate on any "no" answers. It is important that as many detailed comments as are warranted are provided with the form. Further, because of the tight schedule related to publication of the papers, timeliness of the review is also very important.

  • ☐ Published in present form (exclusive of minor typographic or grammatical corrections)
  • ☐ Published with minor revisions or technical changes
  • ☐ Published only after major revisions (subject to major technical revisions)
  • ☐ Rejected (serious technical deficiencies or English usage exceptionally poor)
x Check if additional comments are attached.

Detailed comments: The article can be published in the Moldavian Journal of Physical Sciences with the following corrections.